Cartridge Builder for Jive Anywhere Demo Video

Video created by Ryan Rutan on May 26, 2016


    We would like to publish a quick tutorial for Cartridge Builder in Jive Anywhere.


    Here is the transcription for the tutorial, it should be added to the video. Some pauses might be required since it was recorded in a short session using CamStudio.


    Hello, Today we'd like to show you the Cartridge Builder feature in Jive Anywhere.

    We've loaded an article in the Eurogamer website for this demonstration.

    Let's open the JA sidebar. We can see a link suggesting us to create a new cartridge for this website.

    In this dialogue we can teach JA how to extract the content from similar webpages by adding a property for each captured item.


    Let's click the eyedropper tool and select the title of the article. This will be our title property so we use that name.

    Now click Generate Template to create a default template for the captured properties. For now all we want is to display the title property by using this simple expression: {{>title}}


    Click the Preview button to preview the way a new discussion for articles on this website will look like.


    Now let's add some more properties and decorate the preview with HTML styles.

    Click Add property and the eyedropper tool, select the date from the page and give it a name.

    Now repeat that with the first paragraph of the article, but this time you can see many paragraphs are highlighted, but since we only want the first one we can click the right keypad on the keyboard to narrow the selection.


    Finally, we're going to add the images from the article to our discussion.

    Create a new property and select one of the images inside the article using the eyedropper tool. Make sure to press Enter instead of using the mouse button otherwise the website might follow the image's link.

    Select SRC from the dropdown list to extract the URL of the image.

    You should also click the array checkbox to extract the entire collection of selected images, otherwise only the first one will be used.


    Click Generate Template. As before a default template created so let's change it to decorate the extracted content.

    I'm using some prewritten HTML from my clipboard but the concept is still the same. As you can see each property can be rendered with decorated HTML. To render an array of images I'm using the FOR statement with the images

    property and create an IMG tag for each of the image's URLs. I'm also giving it a style to make it smaller.


    Click Upload Cartridge to save the new cartridge to your community. Give it a name and an activation URL.

    We want the cartridge to be activated for all articles on Eurogamer, so we change the URL pattern in accordance.


    Now reload the page and start a new discussion, we can see our cartridge is loaded and the automatic preview has been added to a new discussion.

    Let's go to another article on Eurogamer and see how it works with the same cartridge.


    If you're happy with the results you can ask your community administrator to publish your new cartridge using the Admin Console so it will be available to all users in the community.

    Otherwise, click the settings menu and choose Cartridge Builder while viewing the same website to modify the cartridge.


    Thanks for watching. You can try Jive Anywhere today and find a complete coverage of this feature in the Cartridge Builder's documentation file.