Jive Best Practices Series: News - Webinar Recording

Video created by alex.larralde Employee on May 18, 2016

    Thank you to everyone who was able to join today's customer webinar on News Strategy & Best Practices — and a HUGE thank you to Claire Fletcher and selin.korustan for presenting. In case you weren't able to join us live, we've provided the recording. We had several great questions come in on the call, and we're currently working through answering all of them — we'll add them here later this week. If you have any additional questions, please add below!


    A complete transcript for the webinar recording is available here: Webinar Transcript - Jive Best Practices Series: News


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    I keep hearing about targeting "user groups," does that mean we have to be using Groups to use the News Stream?No! When I talked about targeting groups of users, I was referring to Permissions groups that you'll set in the admin console, rather than Social Groups that you create in the community.
    Can news be targeted to people that have a particular tag in their profile?Unfortunately this isn't currently possible.
    In what version of on-premise Jive-n will these news features become available?News is available now in Jive 8 to on premise and hosted customers. However that version doesn't yet include the additional tiles that you can add if you're a cloud customer. Additional News page tiles will be available in Jive 9, as Selin mentioned on the call.
    Also, where does this News Stream live in my community? Does this have to be our landing page? Or can we put it anywhere we want?The News page can live wherever you'd like. You can use it as your homepage, or you can move it wherever else you'd like in your navigation - and you can also change the name if you want to.
    How can you change the name of News? Is it part of the theme?Yes, you can change this in your navigation menu which is part of the theme. The url will still remain as /news though.
    What if your external community communicates monthly rollouts as important announcements? Is the News page empty after ten days?If you don't have any content flowing in from the News streams you've set up, you'll see Top and Trending content, so provided there's activity in your community, there will always be some content on the page.
    We gather content from multiple places that we want all users to see (internal). Could we accomplish this by setting up a news stream for a single space and then sharing the content we want to promote with that space? Or does the content have to be originally posted in the space the news stream is set up in, in order to display?

    Content that's shared into a space won't show in the News stream, because it doesn't truly live in that space. When you click on a piece of content that's been shared from another place, you're actually navigated to the original place where it was posted. (Related - this is also why you need to make sure you're only sharing content to a place with the same or wider permissions - otherwise people can't see it).

    Why are the fixed tiles duplicated across all news streams?If those tiles are used to surface evergreen content and links, they should provide a consistent user experience across all streams and homepage- thats why they're fixed.
    Can you show personalized banners at the top? Also based on profiles, permission groups etc.?No, currently everyone will see the same tiles added at the top and right of the page, including the banners.
    We recently moved our blogs from Jive to Wordpress. Can we put external blogs into News? (BTW, our Jive rep said lots of customers are moving away from Jive blogs)News pulls off of a publish trigger, without that, there wont be any activity to push out to the streams. RSS wont suffice in this case, but theres one thing you may want to try- you can use the "external object" content type, and try feeding posts in from wordpress using Streamonce. (which can be configured to create those entries in Jive) Full disclosure: I've done something like this using Twitter, but never wordpress.
    Is viewing individual pieces of content and their impact metrics the only way to see stream activity levels? Is there something more general that we can see that shows clicks from a higher level instead of diving into each piece of contact?Impact metrics are your best bet for now. We still want to do analytics for news, it depends on how many people adopt the feature but we have good technology to do some really cool reports down the line.
    How does one effectively get customers in an external community to subscribe to a blog? We're struggling to get them to click "follow".The beauty of News is that you don't need your customers to click Follow - if you set up a News stream pointing at the blog, you are subscribing them to the blog. If you also add the email notification toggle, they'll then receive email updates when new posts are added - but be careful not to over-use this feature.
    When will this be available for an on-prem instance? We're on above.
    Can you show where to find the impact metrics you showed? Is it only attached to certain actions?Impact metrics are visible on individual pieces of content and you can see them if you're the author or administrator. If you've switched on Content Evolution they're in the bottom-right hand corner of the content; if not then they're in the right-hand rail.
    If blog posts are shared with another place, will those shared blog posts be included in the news stream?Answered above.
    How often do you recommend updating/adding new blog post?This one is a bit tough to answer because it depends on how often you're expecting your users to visit the community and how many News streams you've set up. Ideally you want to make sure there's fresh content each time people visit - but the actual frequency will vary for different communities based on the factors I mentioned.
    I created a few custom streams for everyone, email turned off, and in the user preferences they can't choose to follow if they want to. Is this by design?This is behaving as designed.
    Can you do push communications based on non-populated data? For example - target the people that haven't yet filled out something in their profileThe only way you could do this is if you are using permission groups to target news. If you're using a profile field but someone hasn't completed that field, we wouldn't know to show them the item. Thinking about it, this might be good leverage to get them to fill out their profile fields - tell them that if don't have the fields completed, they're missing out on information that's relevant to them.
    New user here. Can you clarify the difference between news stream, blog, etc? (Other stream types?) What's the best type of stream for employees to post things, for example "items for sale."Blogs are a type of content (like documents, discussions, events etc,) and streams are a way of displaying recent activity or content. In your example, I'd set up an open group where interested employees can all post, and they can choose to follow the group themselves if they want to.
    If a news story in a blog format is created in drafts the day before it is published is there any reason why it wouldn't show up on the main news homepage? This happened to us last week. It only showed up in the Activity page and not our news page.You should file this as a case in your support group.
    Can you download a contact group from Outlook into Jive to create a group?Unfortunately not.
    How much of a difference are there between Jive 6 and Jive 8.Quite a few big changes - the introduction of Tiles, Purposeful Places, News, Profile redesign, Search improvements and lots more. You can find out more here (for internal) or here (for external)
    Can you curate news based on hidden profile fields?No
    Any plans to include Tags (in addition to Place activity and Blogs) to the stream configuration options?No plan to do this. Tags in stream config are such a slippery slope- since they can be user generated. Tying a push stream to tags could allow for non-official or sanctioned content to make its way into streams. Thats why right now, we don't have any plans to add tags.
    It would be interesting to be able to create a personalized stream based on tag(s).. (less a question, more feedback)Thank you for the feedback! Sounds like there are a few people thinking the same way.
    Can you add user groups in bulk format?Yes. You can do this in a professional services engagement: either a custom one-time upload or via a mapping to your directory server.
    Would it allow to select user groups (if they'e exist using LDAP or IDM user stores) instead of selection an individual user?If your LDAP user groups are synced with your Jive permission groups then yes, this would work.
    What version of Jive is being used in the demo? Is this cloud? It looks great -- I want to upgrade. Thank you! We think so too - and yes, it's a cloud demo site.
    On your demo site, I see you have a fixed width (space on either side).  How did you do that?  We did it on our widetized home page, but can't figure out how to do it on the tiled news home page. [follow up - OMG. I just figured it out.  It's under Themes and Branding and Decoration.  Doh!!  Please ignore the question.  ;-)]Thanks, this is even easier when you answer your own questions
    Basic Question, but how did you create a News Page? I don't see that option in JiveX. I see overview pages or activity pagesSo activity and overview pages are for places (groups & spaces). There can only be one news page, and if you're on cloud, its probably on, you just have it stripped out of your nav. The url is "your community".com/news . Take that url and plug it into your nav and you'll have News. If you want News to be your homepage go to Admin Console ->System->settings-> homepage and turn the widgetized homepage off. By doing this, news will be on and will be your homepage.
    Just wanted to support the presenters on using dropdowns for profile fields - we foolishly made Department a text field when we started and now out of 500 users I have around 450 departmental names when it should be around 20! Cheers, IanThank you! And sorry you're dealing with that...
    If you choose to have a news stream send a notification to folks -- and they are already following the blog, will the user get two notifications?No, we do have intelligence in place to make sure users only get notifications once.
    does jive provide a gallery of images that can be used for our banner designs or do we need to create/source our own images? For example - i like the style of the banner tile images you are showing...We don't have anything like this at present... but I'd love it if we could provide it and I'm finding out if this is possible.
    I don't get where this lives in my community - how can news live "next to" the homepage as you say?

    Dont, you have a fully configurable navigation at your disposal, so if you leave your widgetized homepage switched on, you can still have News somewhere else in the navigation alongside it - and wherever you choose. News is "on" in cloud, add /news to your community url and you'll discover it. Then just add to the nav.

    How do you set up your community so that your home page is a news page instead of a widget page?

    [Just copying this from an answer above]

    If you want News to be your homepage go to Admin Console ->System->settings-> homepage and turn the widgetized homepage off. By doing this, news will be on and will be your homepage.

    Can we use email notificaion option to only send emails and don't post news stream on the page? Can we track emails?No - if you use this option you'll still have news items appearing on the News page. Impact metrics on the post itself will show you how many emails were sent, as well as which people looked at the post.
    Can we have 'News' in addition to the custom Home page? Or will 'News' page become the Home page?You can choose! I'd encourage you to use News as your homepage, but if you're not ready to take that step yet, you can have them alongside each other if you wish. My only note of caution would be if you're trying to do similar things with both pages, it could be confusing for users.

    Can you have news feeds and personal activity feeds? Is there a 10 limit for each or the combination of the two?

    You can have ten of each - ten News 'subscription' streams that you set up for users, and then they can add another ten custom streams themselves.


    I would say that ten subscription streams would be a LOT - you might be better off having fewer streams that have multiple rules.