Webinar Recording: Leveraging Tiles

Video created by melissa.barker on Apr 12, 2016

    If you were unable to attend today's Leveraging Tiles Best Practices Webinar, please check out the recording below! As promised, an Q&A will also be posted here later this week, but please don't hesitate to submit any questions/comments here.


    Here's the Helpful Tiles document referenced on the call: 7 Helpful Tiles for Pages


    Leveraging Tiles (Jive Best Practices Series) Webinar Recording


    Presenter selin.korustan


    A complete transcript of the webinar recording is available here:Webinar Transcript - Jive Best Practices Series: Leveraging Tiles


    Tiles Webinar (Jive Best Practices Series)
    Is there a list of widgets that will not be available on the cloud?So I'm not sure a list of widgets not available will ever be created, I am hoping to create a functionality doc on "here's how you achieve a goal with a widget page and here's how you achieve that same goal on a tiles page" I'd encourage everyone considering to make the switch to shift their thinking from 1:1 widget-tile parity, and instead look for functional parity. That's how we're tackling it on the Jive side.
    Do you have to have Activity be the default page - or can I choose one of my new pages to be the default?You can totally select one of your pages to be the default landing page! In fact, the first one you create will be the new landing default. Any subsequent pages you create (up to 5!) in that place, you can click edit page and drag and drop items in the sub-nav into the order you want.
    Do smaller columns on the left improve user experience on mobile for widgets as well?Nope! Widgets aren't mobile friendly. Users on devices don't even see widgets when they come to a place.
    Can you copy a group with Tiles?Not yet! We are looking into a templating option to make that process easier. More to come on that front
    When we get the drag and drop features of widgets with tiles? It would be so nice to be able to move tiles horizontally?Agreed! That is on Products list of tile improvements. I cant tell you when it will happen, but I can definitely tell you its NOT in the next release (2016.2).
    HTML Widget, so we don't have to worry about Jive proprietary HMTL that is included in Jive docs and formatted text widget?I'm not sure I'm following, can you elaborate on this?
    Can a tile be further customized with jquery/html? Similar to HTML widget?YES! Use the html tile (only available on Cloud right now and needs to be installed in add-ons). And check this out if you can: Developer: Jive Developer Days > Coming to a Ci... | Jive Community

    Is there an effort to change the "saved" functionality to a real preview? Also, what about "Save for Later" so you don't have to make and/or take live changes all at once?

    Product is assessing the current Overview build options like layouts, save, drag and drop, the ability to switch layouts without losing tile configs, and figuring out what can be done in tiles. So yes, this is being reviewed.
    Is there a limit for categories in tiles?30!
    Can you share with us the best sizes for banner images?There isn't a best size, per se, the important thing is that all your images are the same size, then the tile will size them to fit (remember the size to fit option i selected?) If they aren't the same, the tile shows the size differences. That being said, I create all my images at 250X300, and I like to bump the image up a bit, so there's space for the text the tile calls for (caption)
    What about a recent activity tile? Is that going to be available in the future?Its not on the tile improvement list now, and just by virtue of having the activity tab in every place, I cant imagine we'll be working on that in the near future. If you absolutely NEED a "recent" element on your page, then consider using the "superlist" tile. I know it doesn't give you that stream experience, and in-line interaction, but it does a good job of showing "signs of life" on landing pages.
    Does the image need to be in your Jive instance for the banner tile? We are moving all our images, themes, files, to an external CND.You actually upload the image file directly into the tile, so technically, it will be living in Jive, but you can easily grab the image file from wherever they live.
    Is there anyway to force the links in the Banner Image Tile open in a new tab/window?

    Not currently. There are two ways you can force this behavior:

    1. Admin Console> System Settings> External Links

    (this will make it so that all external links open in a new tab. so if your banner contains external urls, you'll be good.)

    2. Use HTML tile to design similar functionality, this would take a LOT of hours though, but then you'll have access to the code and you can put in a tag for the hrefs to open in a new window.

    Can you review or point out how to switch already built widget places to tile layouts? It seems like you have created a new space for this session, but if we want to switch our current places to tiles, how do we do that?There is no switch mechanism, which is why I had to create a new space for the call. As I mentioned, the widget infrastructure is completely different from the tile infrastructure, which is good since we're getting so much more out of tiles, but it makes it hard for conversion. It is going to be a manual process but we are looking into productizing the flow so its easier to make the switch. One example of how we're trying to make it easier is by allowing Pages to coexist in places with Overview pages. That way you can have both and gently make the switch. Another idea we're considering is a template feature. Obviously none of this is set in stone, but from my personal experience, I think these two enhancements would be killer and help usability SO much!
    Super list and "Use this view in Tile" are currently only available on Cloud, right?Correct
    Will there be an option to restrict the number of items returned by the Super List tile?This is a great question. We've provided that feedback to product. As they go through and improve existing tiles over the next few releases, this will be on the list of metadata options they'll be considering adding. Until that change does happen though, the superlist will return 10 results and then give a "show more" option.
    What version of Jive is being demonstrated?Cloud 2016.1, current release
    Is there a tile that shows all the tags created in a space or group?ITS COMING!!! On the list of tiles to create, "trending tags"
    Will there be a tile that is similar to the recent blog post widget?Yes, something similar is in the works. I mentioned this during the webinar, but a tile that makes them more visual, instead of just a list.
    Helpful Links from Tiles is nothing but Quicklinks plugin functionality? Or this functionality is different with quick links?I'm not sure I understand the question but Helpful Links tile is a tile that supports URLs NOT in jive and makes them look nice on the landing pages. This is better than using a doc viewer, and is easy to configure. There is no plugin functionality associated with this.
    Can you change the order of all those links?Which links? This is the problem with answering questions AFTER a call
    Is there a way to control the width changes on the center column?Nope, that's the beauty of responsive, it adjusts to the users screen size. A fixed width site could cure that, but then you're designing for a lowest common denominator, and the site could look weird on say- a 25" iMac, but look great on my 15" pro.
    Can you override the # of pages to more than 5?Not currently. But also why would you? Think about the user experience of having to navigate through all those tabs. And then think about the mobile experience. If you need more than 5 tabs, I'd reconsider your structure and think about a subspace or two or using docs (as aggregators) to facilitate that drill down.
    Why don't we have the Formatted Text TileThe short answer is we provided the html and view doc tiles as a stop gap, to give users the ability to put little custom bits of content on the page. The long answer- formatted text tile is much more difficult to build- it'll need to do all the things the widget does now, AND be responsive/mobile friendly. That RTE (rich text editor) that goes into it, and the ability to toggle back and forth is amazing, and so hard to build. That being said, its on the list of tile improvements, but because html and doc viewer are available, products is tackling net new/nonexistent functionality first.
    Is there a reason you didn't go over the custom html tile? We' had a lot of errorsYep, there sure is a reason! The intent of this call was to talk about best practices and out of the box config. I definitely don't count html as out of the box. I think it would be a big assumption to think most attendees know how to write/play with/configure html so I left it out. Totally intentional on my part. That being said, anyone who is interested in html tiles or custom tiles should find a way to get to Developer: Jive Developer Days > Coming to a Ci... | Jive Community