Webinar Recording - Jive Best Practice Series: Get the Most Out of Gamification

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    If you were unable to attend today's Gamification best practices webinar, please check out the recording below! As promised, an FAQ will also be posted here later this week, but don't hesitate to submit any questions/comments here in the meantime.


    Get the Most Out of Gamificiation (Jive Best Practices Series) Webinar Recording

    Presenters: Jennifer Kelley and pbroadley


    The slides can be found here: Get the Most Out of Gamification (Jive Best Practices Series) Slides


    A complete transcript of the webinar recording is available here: Webinar Transcript - Jive Best Practice Series: Get the Most Out of Gamification


    Get the Most Out of Gamification Webinar (Jive Best Practices Series)
    What is the most successful example of gamification you have seen, and how did this drive success?

    There are a number of very strong examples across both customer and employee engagement scenarios.  One of my personal favorites (and handy because it is all publicly accessible) is SolarWinds Thwack community.  You can see an earlier webcast with them and Hitachi Data Systems here: A Guide to Success in Gamification | Jive Software

    They have an all-around strong and sustained program, including a well-thought out use of gamification for onboarding new customers/community members: https://thwack.solarwinds.com/community/solarwinds-community/getting-started_tht, keeping it fresh with monthly or even pop-up missions and creative,  and using the Rewards store effectively.


    Element14 has similarly done a great job with their gamification program and tie in to business strategy:https://www.element14.com/community/docs/DOC-53274?ICID=menubar_members_points


    T-Mobile has also done a great job leveraging gamification within their customer care organization.  You can read more on our partner Bunchball's site: T-Mobile Success Story | Bunchball

    I'd like some examples of how to dial-down a gamification program. For example, if the strategic goals change, or the level of rewards need to change, how is that communicated to the community? Does the "mission" just go away?

    Answered on the call / recording. To recap:

    It is very common to evolve / retool gamification programs and that should be a goal.  Tips for best results:

    1. Try to be sparing and very transparent if, as sometimes necessary, you need to rework your overarching scoring and status system (vs. the individual missions and badges)

    2. Adding / changing missions and badges is common

    3. Simplifying and ending missions is fine but be careful deleting that will remove points from users, the recommendation would generally be to put an end date on them so they are no longer available to be earned but not delete the history

    4.  For best results make sure to communicate changes early and often - see Peter's example for case in point - and make sure to be transparent with your advocates and top users in particular and to promote the new stuff you add to get the impact desired

    I hear the use of 'missions' and 'quests' used seemingly interchangeably. Are they the same things?

    Good question and yes they refer to slightly different terminology used in different systems for like concepts or capabilities.  Both terms refer to the community admin's ability to create custom challenges based on a series of actions or events and associated with one or more rewards (e.g., a badge and/or points).


    Mission is the term you will see in Nitro / the Bunchball Advanced Gamification module.

    Quest is the term you will see in Jive's Cloud Rewards console.

    What was the name of that community you mentioned we can go and visit?

    SolarWinds' Thwack Community: https://thwack.solarwinds.com/welcome.  Make sure to check out their onboarding mission overview: https://thwack.solarwinds.com/community/solarwinds-community/announcements/blog/2013/11/04/you-dont-know-thwack--the-onb…


    Element14 is another great example: Your Ranking: element14 Community Badges, Level... | element14

    Can you provide more insight on  HOW to tie/align with offline accomplishments?

    This is a manual process that can be accomplished in both the Bunchball / AGM module and Jive's Cloud Rewards (as of 2016.1).  As community manager/admin you can create a mission or quest and manually award completion to individual users (e.g., for attending or speaking at an offline event) along with whatever points or badge you want to convey.


    pbroadley can tell a little more about what his team did at CSA Group.

    What's your advice on handling the impact of redesigning missions (e.g. changing them or deleting them). Would the right approach be to remove the points granted through it to level the playing field?

    See response to related question above r.e. "dialing down" certain aspects of the program. 

    It is certainly okay to redesign and change up missions, but you want to 1) make sure to assess what's working and not today, 2) be transparent and communicate early and often - ideally allowing your advocates or top users a preview and opportunity for input, and 3) do not remove points in the process or give your active users a feeling you are taking something away from them.  There are better ways to level the playing field going forward by weighting new missions or quests higher but you want to avoid negative feedback that may come from members feeling denigrated or demoted.

    Is there specific documentation on setting up the process to award manual points through a secret group/documents per award and @mentioning a user to award points?

    I believe pbroadley referenced: Gamification tip - How we do "manual" badges at... | Jive Community

    Can please explain me whats the differences between Bunchball and Jive rewards?

    Please reach out to your Jive account manager to better understand the differences and discuss which may be most appropriate for your organization and Jive deployment. In very broad strokes, Jive's Rewards is available on the Cloud and is focused on community onboarding and providing OOTB pre-sets to help cultivate adoption.  The Advanced Gamification Module (Bunchball) is our gamification offering for hosted and on prem customers, and also a more robust and extensible offering for any customer needing options for custom configuration or integrations.  The Bunchball module also offers the Reward Store capability.

    You can find info on Jive's Rewards here:https://community.jivesoftware.com/community/customers/blog/2016/01/26/20161-deep-dive-jive-recognition-engagement-and-r… and here https://community.jivesoftware.com/videos/10202.  Documentation and additional discussions on both tools can be found in: Space: Gamification, Engagement, and Rewards | Jive Community

    How do you manage senior managers and c-level members/ how did you show them the value of gamification?

    Rajat Paharia (Bunchball founder) provides great context for business leaders on the value of gamification. Some of the key concepts are reviewed in an earlier webcast with Rajat - Gamification for Customer & Employee Engagement | Jive and in his book Loyalty 3.0: How to Revolutionize Customer and Employee Engagement with Big Data and Gamification: Rajat Paharia: 978007… Another good book by a Gartner expert: Gamify: How Gamification Motivates People to Do Extraordinary Things: Brian Burke: 9781937134853: Amazon.com: Books


    It's important to first clear up any misunderstandings they may have about what gamification is (i.e., it is not playing games at work, etc.) and to paint a direct correlation between the proposed gamification (and community) initiative and the strategic initiatives they care about, e.g., employee engagement or case deflection, etc.  It's important that they understand gamification is a lever that can be applied to the business scenarios and outcomes that matter to them.  Finally, make sure to share metrics and examples they can relate to like those pbroadley shared in his case study.

    How are most people measuring gamficiation in their communities?

    There are generally two sets of metrics we at Jive encourage our customers to look at in relation to gamification:

    1. Usage metrics (in a nutshell quest or mission completion and which users are most active).  For Jive's Cloud Rewards: https://docs.jivesoftware.com/cloud_int/comm_mgr/jive.help.rewards/#admin/QuestReports.htmland for the Bunchball AGM module:https://community.jivesoftware.com/community/products/platform/gamification/blog/2014/10/13/how-to-report-on-mission-completion-in-bunchball (and soon there will be a new Nitro console release that will make accessing reports easier).

    2.  Correlation to the larger engagement metrics and outcomes you and your organization care about.  Not a smoking gun, but as Peter shared in his Lessons Learned for the CSA Group, it is good to set baselines and monitor the engagement whether that's some of the adoption and usage metrics in Jive CMRs as you launch certain missions or quests or tracking offline behaviors like staff attendance to sessions.  A specific example would be if you wanted to increase question resolution rates, you could develop a series of missions related to the associated behaviors and review CMR metrics associated with question resolution rate.


    I'd also suggest browsing threads or asking this question here: Group: Jive Gamification User Group | Jive Community

    What is the process of turning off Bunchball and turning on Jive awards? What effects would this have on the community?

    The technical process is straightforward and can be initiated by opening a case with Jive Support if you decide to go this direction.

    What is moved from advanced gamification to Jive Rewards (for users)

    • Points
    • Levels
    • Completed Badges
    What is moved from advanced gamification to Jive (for admins)
    • Badge images and Descriptions (but not the underlying rules or values)
    • Leaderboards
    • Level names / images

    Since Jive's Rewards includes default Onboarding missions, you can most likely delete those coming over from AGM.  Also, since the reward system automatically rewards users for basic jive interactions you can remove all of the 'repeat action' badges from advanced gamification.


    From a strategy standpoint, it is a good opportunity to revisit your overall program and make a plan for what you will bring over and where you will start fresh.  Make sure to communicate change and keep your users happy!  Doing a preview with your advocates or champions is always a good idea to make sure they feel rewarded and not denigrated in any change you make.


    If you are using the Store feature in the Advanced Gamification, that does not exist for Jive's Rewards.

    Just heard you say, "once you learn to use" the console.. How'd you do that? Trial and error or training? If training, where'd you get it?

    Jive PS offers training and enablement on the Advanced Gamification Module and Nitro console.