A couple of initial End user Feedback points

Discussion created by paul.bratcher on Jul 16, 2008
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Hi all.


I really like the idea of this site, and i am sure i will help to generate a lot of value for both myself and how we go about implementing communities within our organization.


This sites user interface:


  • some parts don't seem to be working, this may be because i just registered and i do not have permissions, i seem to be between an anonymous user and a registered one. For me this is a key journey for adoption, and one that i am most concerned about when it comes to releasing software such as this to the wild.


  • maybe as a side effect of the above, the front page frustrated me, because i couldn't find any thing to do, or where to make my voice. (obviously i have found a place now!)


General terms and conditions


I am not sure what the usage limitations of this website are, for example will you quote me in marketing material? In which case as part of a PLC i may have issues with that so need to watch what I say!