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Discussion created by paul.bratcher on Jul 16, 2008
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Good morning (well it is here at time of writing)



I have just about finished getting the emotional buy in to doing a prototype to support some internal collaboration and communication within our business. The one thing that I am most concerned about (today) is making the language easy, and the interface easy. I am wondering if there is a 'noobs' guide to terminology and how to do things like;


Explaining the difference between, a space, a project, a blog (and when you can / can not /can aggregate them)

Support documentation on 'tags' and how they work in simple english


I also think that the user interface is a little daunting at first, what are your thoughts ? I was thinking that as people start to use the site more to use some kind of release of functionality, perhaps turning off personalization of home pages at the start ?


I am also interested in the approaches to style sheet and configuration trickery that can be done too, any guides or FAQ's?