Maven for plugin builds --- Want to hear your opinions on it.

Discussion created by jadestorm on Sep 30, 2008

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Hi folk, I'm interested in hearing y'all's opinions on maven for plugin builds and such.  What do you like and not like about it.  Please try to go into more detail than "it sucks" or "it's great".  =)  Opinions on it seem very polarized as far as I can see.


As for myself, Maven is new to me.  To me it doesn't seem any better or worse than any other build system so long as the project is configured right.  (but that's the case with anything)


For some of my feelings towards it, read all the comments (both by myself as well as by Jeff Schnitzer): http://tapestryjava.blogspot.com/2007/11/maven-wont-get-fooled-again.html


I really dislike Maven and absolutely refuse to work on a project that uses it.