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Discussion created by jzimmerlin on Aug 21, 2008

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We have an external search engine that we need to index all content in Clearspace. We've done this with Forums previously, using a SQL-based tool to crawl the DB message table nightly. Now that we're moving to Clearspace, we want to index content immediately when it's posted, so we need a hook to intercept content after it's been successfully published or updated. Is there a plugin sort of way to hook into Clearspace's indexer?




Something like this would probably be possible using the event system in Clearspace. If you look through the API you will be able to find listeners for just about any action (edit, add, delete) and any content type. (blogs, messages, documents). The "FeedYourBlog" plugin uses the BlogListener and might be a good place to start from some examples:




Event API:





Good luck. Thanks!



I've been playing with the event mechanism and it looks like it will do what we need. Thanks for the help!