Anyone up for scribd plugin (2.x)

Discussion created by dillera on Jul 22, 2008

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I'd love to see a plugin that allows embedding sribd (PDF)  pages - http://www.scribd.com/


Especially since CS can't natively display PDFs attached to documents 


Anyone up for it?


I agree, something like this would be pretty cool / useful. (Opened up a feature request for something like this, hopefully the product management team will approve, CS-7458)


+1 for someone creating a plugin for this.     

Yes, for some reason, when our company first started talking about using ClearSpace they said that you could upload Word and PDF files and CS would display them in-line, which sounded awesome.


I have yet to see that happen however. Of course, our people could have been confused.

Hey Andrew,

Yeah there definitely must have been some confusion or some sort of misunderstanding, Clearspace doesn't have an embedded pdf viewer. There is an option of viewing documents as PDF's which might have been what they were thinking of.