Problem with custom UserManager and AuthFactory in Clearspace Community

Discussion created by szimano on Jun 2, 2008

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I'm using clearspace community 2.0.1 and I'm trying to implement custom authentication system connected to my old DB. As far as i understund i'm supposed to implement both AuthFactory and UserManager.


I have to blockers so far.


First of all AuthFactory abstract class doesn't have  methods i'm supposed to implement. If you chech in javadoc


The description says I'm supposed to override getAuthToken(String, String), getAuthToken(HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse), and getAnonymousAuthToken() which are not there.


Second thing. Even tho I've implemented them by just adding, and implemented my custom UserManager class - after setting them in System -> Admin -> System Properties (AuthFactory.className  and UserManager.className) they're never invoked (i've tried also by runing setup wizard again - and same behaviour).


Could you please tell me what i'm doing wrong ?



Tomek Szymanski


Hi Tomek,


AuthFactory is not used in Clearspace 2.0, and implementing UserManager is not required to customize your authentication. I'd recommend not implementing UserManager, doing so is a highly advanced customization and requires you to manage caching, event handling and cluster-wide synchronization of user IDs.


A much more simple approach is to implement either a Filter that performs authentication, or an AuthenticationProvider. Use filters when you need to read HTTP headers, AuthenticationProviders when you want to perform custom processing of username/password submitted via standard clearspace forms.


You can find more detail in the 2.0 upgrade guide:



Thanks for the info. I'll investigate.