2.0 Dev Kit?

Discussion created by jtrav_fmr on May 28, 2008

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When will the 2.0 Dev Kit be available?


Hey Joe,


We're working on getting the 2.1 Dev Kit together since the structure will be a little different. I know the 2.0 Dev Kit isn't out, but you have access to the components right now. Here are links to both the docs and the example code that would be in the dev kit:





The Example Widget never appears in the pallet of widgets.  I'm running v2.0.3.

Did you build the widget as a plugin or did you build it directly into the WAR?


If it's built as a plugin (in the jiveHome/plugins), restart your app and see if there's any relevant log messages in the outfile.


If you built it into the WAR, goto the Admin console --> System --> Settings --> Widgets and Add the widget at the bottom with the full class name (i.e. com.you.yourpackage.YourWidget.class).


Both approaches have worked for me.

I actually did a clean install of CS 2.0.3 and used the build.xml from SVN example from Vinh.  I ran deploy.plugin and saw from the admin console that the widget was installed.  However, it never shows on the pallet of available widgets when I try to customize a communit page. plugin.JPG