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Why not to use CRM.Cockpit?

Question asked by gabor.horvath on Jun 11, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2020 by gabor.horvath

Hi Community,


in the last over 10 years of my update/Aurea-history I am using CRM.Cockpit for deployment from DEV to TEST and PROD (in about 30 Aurea projects). I like it, and it makes my life much easier: the installation goes smoothly, I have "only one step" to do and I do not have to think about "what I might forgot" to deploy, or in which order should I do it.  As CRM.Cockpit was introduced years ago (with CRM v8?), it had a lots of issues, but with the time it became a very useful tool for deployments. I really thank You for it, update/Aurea!


In the discussion with other Aurea Partners (or Aurea itself), I learned, that the "old update specialist" still do not use this tool: they use communication, bulkloader, batches, etc. for deployments. My question is: WHY?

Why not to use this? If you just start a new Aurea.CRM project, why would You not choose CRM.Cockpit for deployment?


I suggest everyone to try it out and use it, so I would like to learn, why You decided not to use it. I want to be prepared for discussions in the future about this, so I would like to know the "black side of CRM.cockpit" ;-)