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Simple stream add-on, object.description not working

Question asked by Powell on Feb 26, 2020

I am trying to get a simple stream integration working.   In my add-ons xform.js. the

activity description isn't coming through in the stream - e.g. "activityInfo.object.description = body.description;"

Even if I just  hard code this to a string,  the description never shows up anywhere.


Here is my transform

function transform(body, headers, options, callback)   {

var activityInfo = {actor:{},object:{},jive:{}};

var issueActionType = {};


case "jira:issue_updated":

issueActionType = {'name': "updated an issue"}




case "jira:issue_created":

issueActionType = {'name': "created a new issue"}





issueActionType = {'name': "updated an issue"}

} = body.user.displayName; = body.user.emailAddress;



activityInfo.object.image = "http://localhost:8080/resources/images/palette-1001/Citi_Collaborate.png"



activityInfo.object.title = body.user.displayName + " " +;



activityInfo.object.description = 'desc:'+body.issue.fields.description;



callback({ "activity" : activityInfo });





I have seen others mention this problem, ie…

Any help greatly appreciated!