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Why does Jive API let me delete the current version of a document?

Question asked by Nik Edmiidz on Feb 25, 2020

The UI (Actions → Manage Versions of a document) only lets you delete archived versions of a document, but the API lets you delete the current version.


This is a little scary if you're trying to implement a document lifestyle management strategy which involves programmatic curation/deletion of old document versions, as you can accidentally loose production data and break your document as I have done here (not accidentally):


What is wrong with this document?


Despite being on current version I get:


This is an archived version of the document. The current version can be viewed here.






To reproduce this issue, I created the document called sample doc with two other versions including Sample Doc version 2 and Sample Doc version 3.



Then I ran the following call:


curl --location --request DELETE '' 



I have a case from two months ago concerning this, but thought I would also post it here.