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Is the placeTopics field in a place supposed to be something we can update through the REST API?

Question asked by sachac on Feb 3, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2020 by sachac

I'm planning to make a web interface to allow superadministrators to update uncategorized groups' place topics. I don't need to change the place topic itself (so, not the /placeTopics endpoint), but rather, update the placeTopics for a given /api/core/v3/places/placeID. I get 200 OK if I PUT a minimal group structure (ID, type, groupType, name, displayName), but I get a 400 Bad Request error when I try to add a placeTopics array to it. Are group placeTopics supposed to be updatable through the REST API, or has that functionality not been built yet? Is there a different way to support categorizing groups? Thank you!