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Is there an updated Phrase Substitution key list for customizing Structured Outcome labels in a space

Question asked by gbrettmiller on Jan 10, 2020
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Version: Jive 9 on-prem


I'm working on a project where we want to change the display labels for the structured outcomes. For example, instead of "Outdated" use the phrase "Update Required" where ever that comes up. Our thought was to use phrase substitutions and to that end we found the document Complete List of Phrase Substitution Keys. I can't say it is complete, but it does seem to cover all the bases.


Does anyone know if that list is still accurate, or if there have been any significant changes to the Phrase Substitution keys? The reason I ask...


... when we used that list only one of the keys - - seems to be working.



Selecting that option, though, everything else still displays "Outdated" instead of "Update Required".



Here's the phrase substitutions I've used, based on the list at Complete List of Phrase Substitution Keys.


Any info on the accuracy of that list, or links to other documentation that may be of use, is greatly appreciate.