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Currently returning malformed HTML response error - any documentation on how to resolve this?

Question asked by babi_maji on Dec 11, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2019 by babi_maji

New to this, but have been successful so far.




{subject=GCI - Partner Project Plan - Template, type=file, content={editable=false, text=<body><!-- [DocumentBodyStart:c062b27a-e734-42fb-a146-c2d978fb77da] --><div></div><!-- [DocumentBodyEnd:c062b27a-e734-42fb-a146-c2d978fb77da] --></body>, type=text/html}}


This returns an error message saying


Exception: Malformed HTML content


jgoldhammer Any help with this is highly appreciated! I'm new to this, and didn't see any documentation on the best way to proceed here.