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Tiles 101: User Specific Data in List Tile?

Question asked by on Dec 6, 2019
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Our company recently started using Jive. I wanted to do something seemingly simple: I would like to show a list of links defined from a service (that I already maintain) that are specific to the logged in user.


We're a java shop so I looked into the jive-sdk-java-jersey project and was able figure out the basics:

  • building the add-on
  • deploying the add-on
  • some basic concepts about the lifecycle (register, push remote data)


However, it looks like the samples are more system centric rather than user centric. So the tile registration event has the specifics about our jive instance (url, tenant id, etc) but nothing about the user. This indicates to me that each individual Jive user would see the same content.


What I need is a tile that has content specific to the logged in Jive user.


It looks like the way this may happen via OAuth but I'm having trouble wrapping my head around the user experience as well as what is necessary to make this happen.


Is there a sample project that say embeds some remote content into a simple rendering?


Something like a list tile that pulls a list of tweets from Twitter or something like that..


If not, where should I look to move forward?