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ACM / CRM Sync: DoubleOptIn and how to prevent the email to be spam

Question asked by on Oct 18, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2019 by Jorge Paulo


we would like to get some insights on the following topics, which are still unclear for us after reading the ACM documentation.


Double opt-ins ACM -> ACRM

From ACM -> CRM we understand the process as follows: Webformular (created with double opt in option) is filled -> email sent to confirm opt in -> receiver confirms -> KP/Firma created in CRM.

  1. Do we understand this process correctly?
  2. How does the matchup work?
  3. Is the KP from the web formular always created in CRM?
  4. Does a CRM user have the option to select the match?

Double opt-ins ACRM -> ACM

  1. How can we work with double opt-ins in the direction from CRM to ACM? The customer would also like to set an opt-in status on the KP level in the CRM and then communicate this to ACM.
  2. What is the opt-in status for KPs in a certain target group? For example we have a newly created KP contained in a query for a target group and this KP has never been transferred to ACM before. We are now at the stage to transfer this KP to ACM. What kind of opt-in status does this KP receive in ACM?

We are under the impression that any NEW KP contained in target group that has never been transferred to ACM before will automatically be set as “double opted in”, in other words he will always receive the specific mailing.  We would like to control this so this is not the case and only those that truly are double opted in will receive the mailing.


Possible solution?

  • Opt in status field on KP with options: opt in, double opt-in, opt out
  • All those that have come from Webformular (will have the field Double opt-in set)
  • All those created in CRM must have the field set by the CRM user prior to creating mailing.
  • Target group query will contain “double opt in” status as condition, only those with double opt in will be contained in target group.
  • All those with single opt-in will be contained in another target group, and receive a mailing to confirm double opt in. Once this mailing is sent out and user confirms we would then need to communicate to CRM that the user is now double opt-ed in.



How to prevent the email to be spam

What needs to be done, that the sended emails from ACM will be listed as spam mails?
From other solutions I know that it is necessary to place a DKIM somewhere at the customer Domain...


Thanks for any info.