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Is there any way to set tile icon by a relative path?

Question asked by michael_yegorov on Apr 16, 2019

In a current version of Jive and/or jive-sdk there is a problem: in definition.json there is no way to set tile's icon path for a custom-view tile. Here Building a Jive Add-On - definition.json  it's said that ""{{filename}}.png" would be reference a file at the root of each add-on's folder (e.g. /public/tiles/{{tile_name}}/{{filename}}.png" But it's not working. The only way I found is to put icon files to the root of the project and set just {{filename}}.png but even then it'll work only if there's only one tile in an ad-don and their icons match. If there's more than one tile in add-on or if I want to put different icons to a tile and add-on, the only thing that's actually work in tile's definition.json is an absolute path. I tried many options. Can anyone shed light on that?