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Fieldmapping between CRM and ACM is "hard coded"

Question asked by gabor.horvath on Feb 12, 2019
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although having ACM running in Amazon Cloud in USA, and this is a huge GDPR issue in Germany, we could already convince some of our customers to think about using ACM for sending e-mail newsletters. Of course as the data is sensible, the customers wants to assure, that only the necessary data is synced from CRM to the cloud. By default the user can choose, which fields of CRM she/he wants to map to the ACM fields from the following tables: Company (FI), Human (PE), Person in Company/Role (CP/KP). Some of the customers do not use all of those tables, so the are already asking us to hide some of them. Unfortunately this is not possible: the list is hard coded in a JScript. Bad and unusual for Aurea CRM, where everything is customizable :-(


After the selection of a specific table, all fields of the table are available for the mapping. That is the time, where the data protection officer stops the roll out. She/he wants us to limit the fields. After asking the Aurea Support, I was told this is not possible. Bad and unusual for Aurea CRM, where everything is customizable :-(


I really would like to make our customer happy, but I need Your support for it. Hard coding selections in JScript is not good and we are not used to it for Aurea.CRM. It is only a small programming effort to store those information in the web designer (1-2 lines of code?), as the CRM framework is designed for it. Can you please take care of it, that all the new great features are implemented in the way as "it should be". It would be a great news I could tell to the customers when they ask during the demo: "can we change this" - "Yes, we can" ;-)