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Question asked by ingridlamperstorfer on Feb 13, 2019
Latest reply on May 14, 2019 by Chris Benkert

Dear Team,


i would have a couple of questions i would like to ask.


  1. When doing a Marketing Campaign out of CRM the message which will be created on ACM is always a scheduled message can this be changed?
  2. Opt-in can this only be used with the form created through ACM or could this also be addressed through API's. We will be getting our contacts into the Mailing list via API from the Website, and would like to use the Opt in process from ACM, how can this be done?
  3. Triggered Messages, in the help section i found that a message can be triggered through
  • Opened a message
  • Clicked a link

However, those two Option are not part of the triggered message drop down value and on the help i do not find any fufther Information. How can i activate External API?