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Improving Jive autosuggest tags with a custom AI tag auto-suggest tool

Question asked by gopi.gorantala on Feb 8, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2019 by gopi.gorantala

Hello All,


I am trying to replace Jive auto-suggest tags with a custom tag suggestion AI tool we developed.


On a create-content landing page, tag_service.js file gets called to check if user has entered any tag, since this is not when loading a "create content" page.. So, now when the user places his cursor on the tags box, this file gets called again.


Let's say I entered character "t" on the tags box(screenshot below)



you can see that a jquery.sugestBox generated with "popular 10 tags" and "your tags" section by hitting an endpoint which is


this.RESOURCE_ENDPOINT ='/tags/cloud');


Now my question is how to navigate to this endpoint, and what format does the data reside at this endpoint... Is it a (k,v) pair kindof ? or just a raw data comma separated ??


Please see, this is not the same endpoint as the tag cloud :-     "community/tags" OR ex: "${domain}/community/spacea/tags"