A perk with registration at AureaWorks community

Discussion created by jon.whitaker on Jan 26, 2019

A couple of weeks ago, I successfully managed to register with AureaWorks community, although I did not expect to run into unforeseen "perks" in the process of registration.

Yesterday one of my colleagues also wanted to register here and unfortunately he ran into the same issue I did.

I decided to document an atrocious registration process here and hopefully this will help other people to register or for developers to fix this problem.

Spoiler alert: you need to be a bit technical.


1) Click on Register and enter an e-mail account you wish to register with.

2) Click  on the "Confirm address" button and then open your e-mail account to find a verification e-mail from AureaWorks.

3) Click on the verification link from the e-mail.

4) You will be directed to a Profile form where I was asked to input information about me:


Information above is simple to type in, but the biggest issue was that I was not able to place a tick next to the "I agree to these terms and conditions". The tick box seems to be switch off, so no one can tick it off.

As this tick box is a required field, I could not click on the "Create account" button, therefore it is pretty much impossible to register at AureaWorks.


I had to do the following to proceed:

1) Right-click on the "I agree to these terms and conditions" text:

2) I've clicked on "Inspect Element"

3) Once I saw an inspector window, navigate to :

4) Change a word disabled to enabled:



5) Once this is done, I've closed the inspector.

6) In Create your account form, I successfully now can place a tick in the tick box.

7) I've re-typed the captcha, as it has changed and successfully clicked on "Create Account"

8) Voilá, hope this helps.