Cross-Functional Collaboration: Creating Checklists and/or Dashboards

Discussion created by someara51 on Dec 5, 2018

Create a method for accountability or task tracking using checklists or dashboards in VA Pulse. While Projects have a task feature built in, I find creating checklists using a document and table is easier to manage, track and reuse in the future.


There are a variety of ways in which you can use checklists – whether it’s for team tracking or individual tracking. You can use the Create a Copy feature (Cross-Functional Collaboration: Create Templates with the Create a Copy feature) to create individual checklists for each team or even individuals.


Dashboards are great for tracking overall progress and compiling checklists if you have more than one) into a tracking document. You can empower your users to update the checklist so you can track progress in real time.  If you are using a Document Viewer tile to display your dashboard on a page in your group, any updates to your dashboard will be automatically updated on the page.


Take a look at the following examples:


Feel free to copy the examples above using the Create a Copy feature to use for your own groups.


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