Cross-Functional Collaboration: Create Templates with the Create a Copy feature

Discussion created by someara51 on Dec 5, 2018

Some of you may not be familiar with the Jive feature called "Create a Copy." This feature is available for document content types only, but is a powerful tool for creating templates so that you can streamline your work, provide consistency and ensure nomenclature is aligned. Whether it's newsletters, meeting minutes, announcements, policies or even personalized onboarding checklists. You can even convert the copy into a blog or discussion in addition to just making a document copy.


Check out the following examples of content that you can create templates for:


How to Create a Copy

On any document in VA Pulse, click on Create a Copy option along the right side under the Actions sidebar below Move.


From a pop up window you will have the option to create a copy as a Document, Discussion or Blog Post. Once you select the content type, click on Create a Copy to create a new document. The new document will look exactly the same with a [1] in front of the title (because all documents in the same place must have a unique name).


You can now make edits to the title or body of the document.


Once you are finished making changes, make sure your content is getting posted in the correct place. If not, hit Change to select a new publication location.


Scroll down, fill out the Tag area to make your content easier to find (optional) and select a category if applicable (optional). If you do not want to send notifications to your place followers when publishing, select Minor Edit to publish the content "quietly." Hit Publish to post your new copy.


How to Create a Template

To create a template so you don't have to train your users to use the "Create a Copy" button, copy the link that appears at the bottom of the pop up window when you click on Create a Copy. It should look like a URL link.


Now you can paste that URL in a button (see: Cross-Functional Collaboration: Building Buttons in Jive ). When your users click on the button, it will automatically create a copy of the master template. No need for them to do any of the work or be concerned about overwriting the master template.

Any changes you make to the master template will change any future templates created (it will not change previously created templates).

Let me know if you have any questions by posting below!