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Is the Jive SharePoint Connector Microsoft Certifiied?

Question asked by SunilKr on Jan 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2018 by gopi.gorantala



I am not sure if I am in correct place to ask this question but may be I get helped here.

We are hosted and the version we are using is 8.0.4. Now we have some requirement from business to upload/share huge files may be more than 500 MB on Jive.

We can configure the maximum uploaded document file size in Admin console document settings but to upload more files with more than 500 MB not sure the good idea. So I suggested to use SharePoint Connector to connect Jive and SharePoint.


But the question come to me from business, is the Jive SharePoint Connector is Microsoft certified or not?


So can someone please help me to answer this question will be much appreciated.