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How can we help you differentiate Jive from competitors?

Question asked by Sarah O'Meara Employee on Jun 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2018 by leejamesturner

Hi Bay Area User Group!  Thank you so much for an awesome meeting last week, I gathered a lot of great feedback which I'll share with the team. I also had a great time meeting with everyone, and I look forward to the next user group!


One particular issue came up (thanks, kim.nelson!) that I thought we can help you with - how do you differentiate Jive from competitors when trying to convince your company to renew with Jive?  Creating a compelling case is essential to success, and we think it's important to help you out by providing materials to use in those kinds of meetings. Prior to that, I wanted to gather some feedback from you (which I'll organize and then present to a wider audience in JiveWorks to gather even more feedback) about your prior experiences with these types of meetings and what you would find the most helpful from us.


Here is my question for you - What kind of questions or concerns come up when discussing Jive with your company? Functionality vs. price? Jive vs. O365, Salesforce, others? Are you looking for what Jive can do that competitors can't? Are you looking for a justification for the cost (i.e. by comparing Salesforce Teams and pointing out that the cost is not so different once you pay Salesforce for add-ons to create something useful).


Please be as specific as possible and I will work together with our teams (such as Sales and Renewals) to see what materials we can share and the best way to disseminate the information (based on use case? Competitor?) or materials that you can pick and choose.


My one concern about create slide decks or specific information about competitors is about how we would keep all this information up to date. We don't want you going into a meeting with outdated information. Keeping on top of that information means there can't be too many version of the slide deck sitting around.


I'm just thinking out loud at the moment, so please join in! Libby Taylor and I are looking forward to hearing from you