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Is our custom integration that uses Jive API requests using up our monthly allocated User Views?

Question asked by hcdocs on Feb 9, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2017 by mcollinge

I'm not a programmer or coder, which explains any non-best practices at work here. I managed to put together a Jive-Slack integration that basically sends 4 API requests every five minutes from a VM and posts any new content in a Slack channel. (I know there's a webhook in the SDK but due to my own lack of skill I couldn't ever get it to work.) We just got our User Views report from Jive and we are almost at our 25K monthly User View limit even though we are just getting off the ground and have a relatively small user base.


So per Jive (Jive and Page Views )

  • If you are a User Views metered customer, your billing is solely metered on User Views.
  • User Views: Any "page" load in Jive.  Page loads serve up “HTML/Text” by the Apache webserver.
  • Jive counts page loads by searching through the different kinds of load events recorded in your Jive instance webserver logs, which capture every single load event in your Jive Community.
  • API loads are only counted as 1/6 of a page load.


My Jive-Slack integration runs by sending 4 API requests to Jive every five minutes, 24 hours a day:

43,800 minutes/month

Divided by 5 minutes = 8,760 API requests

x 4 spaces/subspaces = 35,040 API requests

x 1/6 = 5,840 User Views/month because of Jive-Slack integration


Are my interpretations here incorrect? If this is correct, how are developers in this space running your integrations without using up a whole bunch of User Views every month? I don't want my company to have to pay to go up a User Views bracket because we send API requests in integrations.


I hope I'm interpreting this wrong because I would like to keep the bot running, as being able to see new Jive content and jump to it directly from within Slack has helped increase participation.


Thanks for any education, insights, or thoughts.