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Welcome to AureaWorks: Introduce Yourself!

Discussion created by Libby Taylor on Dec 7, 2016
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Hey everyone!


Welcome to the virtual onboarding place for new AureaWorks community members. This is where you will get comfortable using Jive, navigating the AureaWorks community, and progressing through your own learning experience as a new Aurea team member.


Our goal here is to make you successful in your own communities by:

  • Teaching you the things you need to know as you ramp-up with one (or more) of our products
  • Providing you with key information that you can read at your leisure (or as you need it)
  • Connect you to experts who can help you work through some of your unique product challenges


Tell us about yourself

Let us know what you are here to accomplish by replying in a comment below. Consider telling us:

  • Your role in your own community / with an Aurea product
  • Your top question or challenge you hope to have answered
  • What you hope to get out of AureaWorks