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Opinions wanted: Leaderboards full of users still getting points from old content

Question asked by Adam Arrowsmith on Sep 12, 2016

Looking for opinions/perspectives on how to handle a certain situation.


I have a Jive-X cloud external community with Jive Rewards.


Ideally I want the monthly leaderboards to reflect individuals who have contributed recently, however a number of my "top 10's" points are from your-content-was-marked-as-helpful "residuals" from old content. For example, I have people in last month's top 10 who haven't done anything new in the community for the past 6 months. While it's great that those users generated truly helpful content (that's one of a community's primary objectives), it complicates identifying the recently active/contributing members. And I fear that as the body of content continues to grow, the leaderboards will become less meaningful because an all-star newbie will never be able to outshine a veteran with a lot of posts who can sit back and collect the helpful points.


My thoughts:

  • We definitely want to keep the Mark as Helpful feature enabled because 1) it's the right thing to do and 2) helps self-clean the external community through Assumed Answered thresholds
  • Creating helpful content is important so users should be acknowledged/rewarded


Obviously I could simply award fewer points for that action. For context, my current point awards are:

  • Your answer marked as correct = 20 (highest action)
  • Your content was helpful = 10 (I have already reduced this from 15)
  • Create content = 10
  • Mark something as helpful/correct = 5
  • Get commented on = 5


Has anyone else faced this situation?


Related question: Does anyone have a good way of auditing points history for a given user (besides dredging through the DES exports)? Jive Product team said there is not.


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