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Few queries regarding User badges in Jive Rewards

Question asked by sumeet812gupta on Sep 8, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2016 by mavital

Hi All,


We are exploring Jive Rewards for one of our external community and have following queries about "User badges" :



1. Can we restrict peer to peer user recognition to a subset of users like community managers or Admins ?


2. Can we create new user badge types in Jive Rewards ?


3. Can we define business rules for user badges like only after achieving certain level user can give badges to others for example only level 4 and above users can give badges to other users ?


4. Can we assign a user a badge for a certain time period ? for example we just want to assign a particular badge to the user for 1 month after that it will expire.



I went through the Jive reward documentation but couldn't find anything related to my queries.