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URL-managed tile (app) - is it possible?

Question asked by michael_yegorov on Aug 31, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2016 by michael_yegorov

Hi everyone!


There's a tile domain security applied now on cloud, restricting a tile from accessing parent page. I have a necessity to create an SPA-tile, governed by page's URL, in other words I need to read and write parent page's URL. It would be great to have a possibility to subscribe to URL change event, but it's sufficient to have only read/write access.


Strangely, I have write access in chrome - when accessing parent.location from tile there are assign and replace methods. But not in other browsers. Read access is disabled in both browsers.


There are some methods in osapi.jive.core.container, such as getLaunchContext and requestNavigateTo, which may have something to do with my request, but getLaunchContext doesn't work in tiles (returning null) and requestNavigateTo's purpose and arguments interface is not documented (at least from what I found).


Maybe I should create an app view instead, but then the other problem comes up: I need to limit  access to my application to some security groups. With tile I can restrict access to some space in which I'll place a tile, but can I do the same for an app? And can I write to URL with an app?


Ryan Rutan, maybe you can help?