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Jive Hosting Environment Development

Question asked by on Jun 9, 2016

Hi all,

Ryan King,

Scott A Johnson

I am learning jive hosting environment theme development and plugin development.So on learning process i did some examples on closure templates (Hello World Using Java and Javascript and some other parameter passing examples also).but i am not able relate those examples to our environment deveIopment.I have some questions

1) Suppose in we have param called "user" belongs to jive.nav.header, from backend how the user value is coming and how that user value is displaying in  header page of a community as a html?

2) If i want to add my custom functionality to any of the soy file how to do that(ex: displaying trending content in all place content pages)?

3) How to access soy files(header,footer,content,etcc) in my plugin(any documentation would really helps).


Any insights for this beginner?  Thanks!


Thank you,