Suggestion - Jive to publish and maintain a list of sample REST API calls for Postman

Discussion created by mcollinge on Apr 25, 2016
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Postman is a pretty awesome "extension" for Chrome.. I put extension in speech marks, because when you install it, it installs more like a traditional application. It'll allow you to code up test REST API calls in a snap. I've used it to validate things before coding them up in JavaScript.


Postman - Chrome Web Store


The things I find super-handy are;


Being able to define 'Environments' with multiple variables; enabling me to switch sending requests between Dev, Staging, Production etc.



Able to share a 'Collection' with my team via a link.. If I make changes, I can hit update, and everyone can download my changes without any hassle (or re-keying them)



Once I've come up with an API call that does what I want, I can hit 'Generate Code' to see the equivalent request in cURL, JavaScript, PHP or whatever language I want



It'd be great if Jive maintained a shared Collection with a bunch of sample calls that are validated as 100% working.. then it'd be a good starting point for anyone to jump in and adapt the REST call to their environment & needs. I've started my own version of this which contains some things that are specific to our environment, but this is the idea;



Even if this isn't practical for Jive to do this & keep it up-to-date, any developer working with the REST API should look into this tool.. it rocks