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Discussion created by kanwargrewal on Apr 8, 2016

Hello Dear,


I am a freelancer with expertise in Jive SBS platforms, Java/J2EE, Spring, Struts, Hibernate, Search Engines such as Lucene, Solr, Elastic Search, Angular JS, Node.js, Freemarker Templates (FTL), Google Closure Templates (SOY), jQuery, HTML, CSS, UI/UX and Web servers like Apache Tomcat & Weblogic, Jira, Github, Web-Services etc. I have worked for more than 7 years on Jive Projects such as Community Forums and Blogs. I have rich experience in analyzing, designing, and re-engineering systems applications and business processes. I have hands-on experience in Development of Jive Plug-ins, Jive Apps/Addons, Jive Widgets, Jive Tiles, Jive Code Overlays, Jive Themes, Jive Dashboards/Administration, Web-Services,  Integration with 3rd party websites and Data Migration To/From Jive database(postgresql, oracle, mysql). I have also been certified with Jive Professional's Development Training on Jive development. I have also good hand in Administering Jive Platform along with its integration with 3rd party sites. I am well versed with Jive SBS 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x,  jive-n, jive-x cloud platforms with key skiils of JAVA, J2EE, Spring MVC, Struts 2, JavaScript, JQuery, FTL, HTML and Maven/Ant building tools. I have expertise in providing and implementing solutions and along with excellent interpersonal skills.


My Contact Details:

Email kanwargrewal@gmail.com

Skype kanwargrewal@icloud.com

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/kanwar-grewal-03a1b47/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/kanwargrewal

Cell +91-7986861280



I have been Involved in more than 20 Jive projects which includes Development, Customization, Administration, Deployment and Support. I have complete knowledge in integration of Jive APIs with other modules/sites.

Development in Jive includes following:

  • Jive Overview/Architecture
  • Plugin Development
  • Jive Addons
  • Jive Apps
  • Jive Tiles
  • Jive Widget Development
  • Jive Web Services Development
  • Jive App Development
  • Developing/Modifying Themes
  • Jive Administration
  • Overlay Solutions
  • Database Architecture/Extension



Key Jive Customers:

  • Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA)
  • Sony Computer Entertainment Asia (SCEAsia)
  • British American Tobacco (BAT)
  • Apple Community
  • Integrion
  • Calyx Engineers
  • Revels up your Dreams



Last few projects:

PlayStation Blogs : This project includes migration of BlogPosts, Categories, Users, and Comments from previously hosted blogs at WordPress to Jive SBS 8.0 platform. We have developed several Plug-ins, Customization, Widgets, Themes as per client’s requirement, both functional and UI/UX.

Activities: Migration, PlayStation Blog Theme, Plug-in : Blogs Archive, Plug-in : Blog Mapping Management, Plug-in : Multiple Publishing, Plug-in : Follow Widget, Plug-in : Promotional Widget, Plug-in : Single Sign-On, Plug-in : Recent Blogs Thumbnail, Widget : Detailed Category, Widget : Cloud Tag, Videos Macros, Component Plugins.



Revelupyourdream: Tile/Addon

Worked on https://revelupyourdream.com website enhancing its features and functionalities.

Tile Addon - Users can purchase on revel store.

Dashboard Tile - Developed dashboard where admin can see all such requests and take actions such as Accept/Reject.

User points are automatically deducted from game store nitro(3rd party) using webservices.

Emails are triggered for each action.



Revelupyourdream - Hardware Request Addon

User can request from available list of Hardware available with IT Team.

Workflow is implemented for request to get approval from department, then operations, then IT Team, then Store Team.

Emails are triggered to user and relevant department of the actions.



WebHelpDesk(Calyx Engineers)

Worked on https://www.calyxengineers.com/ website enhancing its features and functionalities.

WebHelpDesk Integration -

  • Developed customized webhelpdesk on calyx Engineers website integrated with http://www.webhelpdesk.com/
  • Provided more user friendly dashboard to end users on Calyx Engineers website as compared to webhelpdesk ticketing system.
  • Users can create new tickets with various options.
  • Users can view ticket assigned to them or to their department and take appropriate action
  • Admins have super user access on customized ticketing system on Calyx Engineers site.
  • Admins can add new fields for various categories on create ticket page.
  • Admins can select input option types for various fields based to category of ticket such as width of textbox or input box, field type as text field, date field, dropdown, radio buttons or read only field. Adding new fields to particular category etc



Other Jive Projects:

  • SCEAsia Blogs for Sony Japan
  • Playstation forums for Sony US
  • Apple Community
  • Grail for British America Tobacco (BAT)
  • Synchro for Integrion
  • SCA Dashboard for Sony Corporation of America (SCA)