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Issue with search functionality in Jive Android sdk

Question asked by jdoede on Dec 8, 2015

In my native Android app, I am searching questions with a keyword by including the following filter options.setTypeFilter(Arrays.asList(JiveCoreContentType.discussion)); The problem with this filter is it does not search replies/messages associated with the discussion. I need to return all questions/discussion, that contain the search word either in the body of the question/discussion or answers to those questions. I included the following filter like so, options.setTypeFilter(Arrays.asList(JiveCoreContentType.discussion, JiveCoreContentType.message)); The problem with the "message" filter is it returns the answer. I need to display the question/discussion, that contains the answer that has the search word in it. I tried appending &filter=depth(CHILDREN) with the "discussion" filter but that didn't work either. Is there a better way of going about retrieving the desired content?


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