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Issue with Jive Activity web part for SharePoint Online

Question asked by rpexplore on Oct 6, 2015

We have installed the Office 365 integration add on and we are trying to display the Jive Activity stream in SharePoint Online site using the "Jive Activity web part" offered by Jive as per the article Deep Dive: SharePoint Integrations. When i add the Activity web part in the SharePoint Online site, it is not showing any content and is blank even though Jive has some activities in it. We followed the article Jive for Office 365  and configured the add on. In most of the articles, it talks about configuration of external Storage for Jive to point to SharePoint Online and not much related to the steps for configuring the Jive Activity web part. Could you please share any article with the details on how to configure the Jive Activity Web part in SharePoint Online and if we have to make any configurations in the Jive side to make this happen. Or if you could throw some direction on why the activity stream is blank that would be great.