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Overlay issues back in Jive 7.0.4?

Question asked by karthikeyanbalu on Oct 6, 2015



Our community has recently upgraded to Jive 7.0.4, We have overlaid javascript in web module. This customization works fine only when jive.resources.combineResources property is false. 


We see the below statements during the maven build, We have also attached the complete build console statements with the case for the further analysis.


[yui-compressor] Error processing editor_plugin_src.js no minimized file will be output.

[yui-compressor] Error processing video.js no minimized file will be output.


It looks like yui-compressor is not generating the min js files. Could you please let us know is there any issue in javascript overlays in Jive 7.0.4?


CC: Ryan Rutan Ryan King


Please note that we filed a support case and raising a question as per support team advise. Thanks in advance !!!


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