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semantical functions of jive

Question asked by phixq on Jul 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2015 by jeph.yang

Hello Jive-team,


At first, self-introduction:

My name is Qing Xu. I'm working on my master thesis at BMW in Munich. The theme is about BMW-Plaza (enterprise internal social media), which is purchased from Jive.

One colleague here has mentioned that our Plaza has already some semantical functions (since version 5.0). For  example, when I click at the activities left side of Plaza home page, then the home page show at the right side some groups or content, which are handled acoording to my use history.


Could some one here please help me with this question? It is really important to me. My thesis include this topic: the usability of semantic technology (semantic web/wiki) in big companies.




Best regards

Qing Xu