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Jive 7 Document Service Customization

Question asked by mckenzie_j on Apr 11, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2015 by hydeila

Is it possible to customize the default Jive document where we need to add a text box in the document create page and store the text along with the created document. I understand that document service is being invoked on publishing a new document. But i have some queries regarding the code flow:


1. In the of documents, there is a reference of CreateDocumentDataBean . But i could never find this class in my source code.

2. I am not able to find  how or from where the __services/v2/rest/contents/document URL is being invoked. I tried a reseach from the soy and ftl involved but i could not find it.


3. Finally i am not sure where the service is registered - DocumentServiceImpl.


Being new to Jive 7 , i am trying hard to connect these missing links. 


I am looking forward to learn .Any pointers or guidance can help .