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Override login action in jive 7

Question asked by surabhimishra on Mar 28, 2015
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I'm not able to override login action in my plugin's struts.xml


<package name="myplugin-actions" namespace="\" extends="struts-default">

  1.         <action name="login" class="com.ehi.plugin.LoginAction"> 
  2.             <result name="input">/resources/templates/login.ftl</result> 
  3.             <result name="unauthenticated">/resources/templates/login.ftl</result> 
  4.             <result name="unauthorized">/template/global/unauth.ftl</result> 
  5.             <result name="create-profile" type="redirect">create-account.jspa?username=${username}</result> 
  6.         </action> 


The plugin is able to override any other action class but not login action.

kindly help.  Thanks


cwmenke , Please may you help with this