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Struts Actions not recognized in Jive 7?

Question asked by pmoore on Mar 25, 2015

Is anyone else having a problem where struts actions aren't being recognized in Jive 7?


As an example, in Jive 6 (and my local environment running Jive 7!) the following works fine:


<package name="viewer-actions" extends="community-default">

        <action name="get-category-action" class="com.sample.widgets.categories.CategoriesAction">

            <result name="success" type="freemarker">/plugins/custom-plugin/resources/templates/categories/content-found.ftl</result>





But when I upload load it to our Jive 7 server, the logs say the action doesn't exist. None of our struts actions are working in fact.


Has anyone encountered this and found a solution? It's really important for us to move to Jive 7, as you can imagine...