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Jive 8 jive-core jar missing?

Question asked by Brian.Welter on Feb 25, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2015 by tim.mila

I'm trying to stand up a test instance for a customer and could not build jive 8 using the maven plugin:    mvn -U jive:create-project


The build results in the following errror:


[ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project web: Could not resolve dependencies for project com.jivesoftware.trane.testeight:web:war: Failed to collect dependencies at com.jivesoftware:jive-core:jar: Failed to read artifact descriptor for com.jivesoftware:jive-core:jar: Could not transfer artifact com.jivesoftware:jive-core:pom: from/to jive.internal ( Failed to transfer file: Return code is: 500 , ReasonPhrase:Unable to fetch artifact resource.

After digging around on the maven repository, I found that all the 8.x jive-core jar files have been removed from the jive.internal repo.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 8.35.21 AM.png

Has anyone built a Jive8 project in the last week or so?