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Archiving content and changing categories

Question asked by akoplen on Dec 29, 2014
Latest reply on May 6, 2016 by ochandel

Hi there,


Many of our groups follow best practices with creating and utilizing categories. Occasionally,  we run into the issue of what to do once existing content is now archived, and new content needs to be added.


I will use the example of an "Events" group to example my case:


  • Let's say a user creates a "Holiday Party 2014" group.
  • The group owner will set up various categories, such as "event schedule", "carpools", "set up", "shuttle bus information", "FAQ", etc.
  • Once the event has passed, the content is then outdated, as it only pertained to that specific year.
  • Then, the following year, they want to utilize this same group for the same purpose, switching the name of the group to "Holiday Party 2015".
  • What would be a best practice to move forward with using categories?
    • You cannot mass move content from one category to another (i.e. I have thought about creating a "2014" category and moving all content to there, but that would be too timely, and then I would have to repeat the same pattern once the 2015 content becomes outdated).
    • We use the "Recent Content" widget on our homepage, so editing content from one category to another would cause that content to appear on the homepage, and ultimately stir confusion to our internal community members.

Suggestions? Let me know if you need additional information.

    • As I mentioned, this particular example is just one of many where we run into this problem - curious what type of feedback other Community Managers have.


Thank you!