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OAuth2 authorization process always ask for grant permissions

Question asked by flabastia on Dec 9, 2014
Latest reply on May 31, 2017 by Ryan Rutan

I implemented login process on my site using Jive Oauth service. I have an Add-on on Jive that give me the clientId and clientSecret. The first time a user try to login on my site using Jive, it works as expected:

- If user is not connected on Jive, a credentials screen will be prompted;

- After that Jive will ask to user grant permissions;

- User is redirected back to my site.


This is fine! The problem is that the next times same user do login with Jive, it still asking for grant permission. On "Apps management" section in Jive, I can see that it creates a new access token every time user logs in.


The response_type used in the authorization request is "code".