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Migrate custom widget from Jive 6 to Jive 7

Question asked by applebeary on Nov 24, 2014

Hi All,


I got a problem when migrate my widget from Jive 6 to Jive 7...


There was no error when I created and built this Jive 7 widget.. but after I installed it, it was just not working. "Edit widget", "Remove widget" buttons were not working, and there was no preview. (This widget is working well on Jive 6 instance) 


The .java file is like:


package com.jivesoftware.plugin.widget;



import com.jivesoftware.base.UserManager;



import org.apache.log4j.Logger;



import java.util.Map;



/* use WidgetTypeMarker to set what kinds of places we would put this widget */

@WidgetTypeMarker({WidgetType.SOCIALGROUP, WidgetType.HOMEPAGE, WidgetType.PROJECT})


public class MyWidget extends BaseWidget {



    private static final Logger log = Logger.getLogger(GitHubActivity.class);

    private UserManager userManager;



    /*Widget Description, shows on the preview*/

    public String getDescription(WidgetContext widgetContext){

        return "My description.....";



    public String render(WidgetContext widgetContext, ContainerSize containerSize){

        // display my contents, return html string




    protected Map<String, Object> loadProperties(WidgetContext widgetContext, ContainerSize containerSize){

        Map<String, Object> properties=super.loadProperties(widgetContext,containerSize);

        String communityName=((CommunityWidgetContext)widgetContext).getCommunity().getName();

        String userName=widgetContext.getUser().getName();






        return properties;





Anywhere I need to make changes to make it work on Jive 7?


Thank you!

Best Regards,