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Open link contributed by UI-Component in Plugin.xml in new tab/window?

Question asked by jdvande on Aug 28, 2014
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i am working on a plugin that contributes actions to the sidebar via the <components> section of Plugin.xml.  This item contains a link to an extermal application, with parameters supplied by the containing jive page.  I can get the link to work but it opens the link in the same browser tab/window.   What we would like to happen is to have this link open in a new window (as if the link had a "target='_blank'" attribute?).  Is this possible within the UI-components framework? or do I need to add some javascript that runs once the page is loaded to alter the behaviour?


Ryan Rutan you seem to be the plugin UI god, any pointers?


as a secondary note the <include> attribute is very poorly documented on the linked site, a more concrete example would be very useful