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Overriding core Widget implementation in a plugin

Question asked by tetipat on Aug 5, 2014



There is a widget defined in jive-core:

We would like to override the java implementation of this widget and customize it for our own needs.


I guess some possibilities are:


1- defining our own widget (with different package name) in our plugin and use this one where appropriate (instead of the one provided by Jive) - so this is basically a new widget...

2- override the TagWidget class in a web overlay (same package name) - this works but is not ideal


But ultimately what we would like to do is to override the widget implementation reusing the same package name (and reusing the same widget name from the list of available widgets) and do this customization in a plugin (instead of doing this in a web overlay).


Is it possible? How can define it in the plugin to ensure that our own implementation would be used instead of the one provided in the jive-core jar?