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What are some helpful Jive Community groups and spaces for internal communities?

Question asked by kim.nelson on Jun 26, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2014 by Libby Taylor

During the June Bay Area User group breakout session for the internal communities, attendees wanted to know recommended helpful groups, spaces (and content) for internal communities. Below are a few we discussed:


Bay Area User Group - of course!

The specified item was not found.- share best practices on collaboration, communication and other social business initiatives for internal communities

The specified item was not found. - Jive Customers to discuss their implementation as it specifically relates to Jive's platform.

Jive Training - Stay up to date on all Jive customer and partner training materials. Shorten your learning curve and quickly become a Jive expert with these self-paced online training courses and instructor-led training sessions.

Theme and UI/X Discussion - collaboration and discussion around theming, UI/X configurations and customization, and for best practice sharing.

Producteev by Jive - support, feature enhancements, discussions on using Producteev task management

Jive training videos download - The attached .zip file includes 10 training videos for use within your Jive community. They were initially developed in Jive 6, but were designed to be fairly version agnostic (focusing on core platform concepts). So, for those of you on Jive 7 or cloud, you will notice minor UI variations.

Internal Overview Page Customer Examples - For those considering a redesign..great discussion, examples and even some code


What are your recommendations?